A downloadable game for Windows

The game:

Done by a small team of HIGHLY TRAINED SKELETONS for the One Mechanic Jam 5 game jam from Game Dev's Quest, THE SUGAR SKULLS is a deep social commentary on how people are always confusing  Día de los Muertos with Halloween. Actually, we just like sugar. And if you add Halloween candy to the sugar skulls of Día de los Muertos, you get MORE SUGAR. We also like latin music. This game has latin music in it. It's a rhythm game.

The team:

These are their Discord names, by the way. Nobody is actually named:

TheEvil_RiceCake (drew everything)

RedPenguin100 (designed the gameplay and wrote the code)

W.O'B. (put the graphics on top of the code in GameMaker)

Install instructions

GameMaker will ask you to agree to a license. It is just confirming that GameMaker's creators own the engine. It may ask you to install DirectX, unless you have it.



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